February 18, 2019

How to Stream games on Twitch Desktop with OBS

There is a movement going on in today's world i.e "Everyone wants to be a streamer", but the one thing most of them lacks knowledge of the proper streaming procedure.  The procedure I am talking about is the steps that are necessary for the streaming using OBS on the Twitch Desktop App. The steps are rather simple and intuitive that will help you to stream your game play or some other talent of yours on the platform named as Twitch. If you don't know about the OBS Stream games on Twitch Desktop, let me tell you that OBS is a screen casting service which is most of the streamer out there and you can also use this application also to stream your content on Twitch. And you don't know about the Twitch then you should search about it on the search engine of your choice and then come back to this article to read further and if you know that you are good to go and you can use the steps described in this article further.

Streaming on Twitch using OBS

First of all, let me make this clear there are no defined steps to do this and everyone can have their own steps to do this, but I am providing you the simplest and the steps I am describing can act as a template and you can do your own creativity on them.

Step 1:

You have to get your Twitch stream key before any step to follow in this article. And I am assuming that you have a Twitch account and if you don't have an account, you can visit Twitch.tv and Sign up there to get your free account.

And if you have the account, you can go to the homepage of Twitch.tv and get to "Dashboard" there and click on it. It will open the options for your account and there you will see the "Twitch Stream key" option and there you can get the key which will help you in further steps.

Step 2:

Assuming that you have done the first step correctly and ready to do the second step. The second step is to use the OBS application and to do that, You must have the OBS application in your PC and I assume that you can install the OBS application, if you already don't have that in your PC. You have to do all the necessary settings there like setting up the Stream screen and how much your face should be in the game from the desired places. And setting the game capture card in the OBS application.

Step 3:

If youhave successfully done all the steps stated above, this step will only require is to connect your OBS application and Twitch account together and you can start streaming your content on the Twitch application. But before that, you will require to enter the stream key which you have extracted in the first step on the desired place when you start your stream.


All these steps are not that elaborating but in the streaming career you have to have your identity and I can only tell you that where to change the settings and the rest of the work has to be done by you and your creativity. And still, you want to ask something you are always welcome in the comments down below.

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